Trying to Recover

Alex. 21 years old. Trying to survive PTSD, depression and everything else this world has gifted me.

“This is my life.
This is my precious life.
This is how badly I want to live.”

-Andrea Gibson

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Anonymous said: Props to rage for the post about bisexual "availability". I wish they'd cited the statistics regarding bi women and sexual assault though and how looking at us as a fetish contributes to objectification, which in turn contributes to rape culture.


yes, definitely that too, this myth of “availability” absolutely contributes to greater incidents of rape for bisexual women because there’s this idea that bi women “always want it” which is terrible and terrifying.

Bisexual women had significantly higher lifetime prevalence of rape and sexual violence other than rape by any perpetrator when compared to both lesbian and heterosexual women. Bisexual women had significantly higher lifetime prevalence of rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner when compared to both lesbian and heterosexual women.”

"The lifetime prevalence of rape by any perpetrator was: 

For women:

- Lesbian – 13.1%

- Bisexual – 46.1%

- Heterosexual – 17.4%”

“I’m trying to be nice but my bullshit meter has been filled.”

—   The Killing
Exactly because it’s so damaging to hear; “He/she would never INTEND to hurt you. They didn’t know what they were doing blah blah bullshit”amillionpeices
Observe my fellow survivors! It is now acceptable to carry a crossbow to shoot any abuser that may cross your path. Ok, proceed.